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Lighthouse Society

When Reverend Donald E. Robinson (“Rev”) started Beacon House in 1991, he wanted to provide a place where children in Edgewood could be safe and surrounded by people who would encourage them to stay in school. Rev named Beacon House thinking of the role of a lighthouse in a storm – that it serves as a “beacon” of safety.  

The Lighthouse Society has been named to honor our founder’s original intent, and the subsequent endurance and success of Beacon House. The Lighthouse Society is comprised of generous friends of Beacon House who believe that together we can disrupt the cycle of generational poverty and change the life trajectories of students in Edgewood Commons and Ward 5 by helping them advance in school on time, graduate from high school and pursue a post-secondary education.

Donors who support Beacon House with an annual gift, or cumulative gifts, that total $1,000 or more within a given fiscal year will be recognized as members of the Lighthouse Society. This elite group of donors will receive special recognition and communications. Donors who are members of the Lighthouse Society have a profound impact on Beacon House’s ability to operate its programs and fulfill its mission.

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I give to Beacon House because I have seen how committed the organization is from when “Rev” founded it until now. I visited a couple years ago, and it is reassuring to me, to know how the money is spent. I know from seeing firsthand that any money I give goes directly to the kids. I also recognize how fortunate I am. My dad was a factory worker and he was laid off at different times during my childhood. I remember the feeling of insecurity. Beacon House provides safety, security and youth development.”

-John K.