Legacy Society

We are excited to launch the Beacon House Legacy Society. The timing coincides with our 30th Anniversary. Donors who inform us of their plans to include Beacon House in their estate plans will be designated as members of the Legacy Society.

You can make an impact with a legacy gift and help ensure academic achievement for the youth of Beacon House and the continuation of our afterschool programs for years to come.

“30 for 30” Campaign

In recognition of our 30th Anniversary, we seek to identify 30 donors who have included Beacon House in their estate plans. There are several ways to make a legacy gift to Beacon House.


A bequest is a designation in your will to leave a certain amount of money or a percentage of your estate value to Beacon House. A bequest can provide estate tax benefits, ensure that your memory lives on and help Beacon House by supporting our future success.

Beneficiary Designation

Beacon House can be designated as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, retirement and pension funds, bank account and other financial accounts. Click HERE for sample language to include Beacon House in your will or designate Beacon House as a beneficiary of a policy or account.

If you have already included Beacon House in your plans, it would be our honor to personally thank you and welcome you into the Legacy Society. Please let us know by completing the Gift Confirmation Form. If you have questions, please contact our Director of Development and Communications, Colleen Dolak at cdolak@beaconhousedc.org.

My husband and I have always set aside a percentage of our annual income for organizations, like Beacon House, in which we deeply believe.  When it came to deciding how to distribute the proceeds of our estate, it struck us both that we should follow the same principle.  And that’s what we did – we decided on the percentage of our assets that we wanted to set aside and included Beacon House in our will.  It feels good to know that after we’re gone, we will be continuing to help improve the lives and opportunities of the youth in the Edgewood Community.”

-Linda Gustitus, Legacy Society member, Beacon House Board of Directors