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Teanna Anderson
Youth Development Mentor

Teanna, a Beacon House alumna, has had a relationship with Beacon House since she was eleven years old. She joined our staff as a Youth Development Mentor in the summer of 2023 and has worked with our kindergarten through 3rd grade youth. When Teanna was a student at Beacon House she felt her YDMs gave her everything she needed, so her goal now is to give love and encouragement to her students the way it was given to her. She also feels it is important to build their confidence in their academic skills and knowledge. Teanna started a career in education in 2016 in Bakersfield, CA as a dedicated aid and moved on to become a learning coach for 3rd grade English Language Development. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, seeing new things, and going to museums, but her all-time favorite thing to do is eat!