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Shannon Williams

Beacon House alumna Shannon Williams is the founder of Looks & Books, a nonprofit organization devoted to girls and reading. The organization’s mission aligns with the reading challenge that Shannon had to overcome – dyslexia, defined as a reading disorder not related to intelligence that involves difficulty in interpreting words, letters, and other symbols. 

As a resident of Edgewood Commons, Shannon grew up attending Beacon House. Beacon House volunteer Lucretia “Lucky” Marmon, was immediately drawn to Shannon and became an early advocate for her after discovering that she had dyslexia. Lucky also learned that Shannon was not being accommodated at the District of Columbia elementary school she was attending. After completing a course with the Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center, Lucky was able to get Shannon tested, and certified. On Shannon’s behalf, Lucky retained a lawyer, sued the District of Columbia Public Schools and won. Shannon began attending The Lab School of Washington in elementary school and graduated high school from there. For many of those years, Shannon continued to receive afterschool tutoring and support at Beacon House. 

As an adult, Shannon has advocated for special learners, and in 2021 her nonprofit organization, Looks & Books, became a Fair Chance Pathways Partner.  

This photo of Shannon is with Beacon House founder, Rev. Donald Robinson, which was taken during the Beacon House 25th anniversary event in 2017.