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Ryan Jones
Vice Chair

C. Ryan Jones is a technology executive in the Washington, DC market with 20 years of experience in digital transformation and corporate leadership. He has managed client relationships in private and public sector and led national enterprise sales units along with customer service and operations divisions. Ryan is passionate on personal and professional development and has created and supported mentoring structures in each of his assignments to help others attain their goals. He has driven market share growth across various product lines, negotiated billions in revenue agreements with Fortune 100 clients and the US Department of Defense and has recently been tasked with driving industry transformation in Microsoft’s Northeast Region. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Shepherd College (WV), a MBA from George Washington University (DC) and several executive certifications ranging from LSS to BPM and PMP from Villanova University (PA). Ryan enjoys making new connections and engaging the power of those connections to better his community.

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