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Brianna Hogan

Brianna Hogan joined Beacon House as a member of our Falcons football team in 2007. She was part of our Junior Midget team (ages 11 – 13) which won the DC Pop Warner City Championship and went on to the Pop Warner Eastern Region Championship game. As part of her admittance package to the University of Virginia, where she graduated in 2017, Brianna’s essay recalled the lessons she learned during her time with the Beacon House Falcons. In our February 2019 Newsletter, she said, “I learned that having people who support and believe in you is one of the greatest assets that anyone can have.”

Today, Brianna is working as a cybersecurity engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton. She is still actively involved with Beacon House as a Lighthouse Society donor and longtime volunteer, including serving as a leading member of our young professionals’ group, SPARK.