Lighthouse Society 2024 Membership

When Reverend Donald E. Robinson (“Rev”) started Beacon House, he named the organization thinking of the role of a lighthouse in a storm—that it served as a “beacon” of safety. Years later, we chose the name  The Lighthouse Society to honor Rev’s intent as well as the enduring success of Beacon House.


The Lighthouse Society is made up of generous friends of Beacon House who, like you, believe that together we can change the life trajectories of Black students in Edgewood. We do this by helping them to advance in school on schedule, graduate from high school with a plan in place for post-secondary education.  


As a Lighthouse Society Member, you will be invited to our twice-annual virtual Leadership Update.  Here you will learn about the impact that your gift has made on Beacon House students and plans for the future. 

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Kayleigh, a young girl, doing her homework looking at a camera

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